The World's Most Advanced Programmable Miner for Today's Memory Hard Algorithms and Tomorrow's AI Revolution.

The cryptocurrency mining industry today is poised for massive change. Far from the hobbiest endeavor that began the craze several years ago, mining is now a huge industry that has birthed several billion dollar enterprises. This consolidation of mining power has created an environment where only the most talented can survive, and only the best ideas can give a return on investment.

Into this arena has stepped XTend Online, with a revolution in mining technology that places them squarely in a category of one -- Introducing the Advance Mining Acceleration Platform.

The Best Way to Make Money in a Gold Rush is to Sell Mining Equipment


The Hyperminer is the mining fabric based on the world's first Advanced Mining Acceleration Processor (AMAP). This is a fully programmable device that can implement any mining algorithm, and do it with performance 10x - 20x better than a GPU.

Using the same technology that powers some of the world's supercomputers and based on Samsung's 7nm process, the Hyperminer is positioned to displace GPUs for programmable mining the same way GPUs evicted CPUs in 2010. Unlike a GPU that uses a traditional, centralized memory bus, the Hyperminer, much like the blockchain itself, uses a decentralized RAM structure, with all nodes highly interconnected with all other nodes. This decentralized structure not only moves the RAM closer to the compute engines saving power, but also completely removes the RAM bottleneck which plagues the legacy solutions.


The XTend Hyperminer AMAP is a radically new, programmable digital mining fabric that can mine any coin, or even multiple combinations of coins simultaneously.

This is just a representative sample of what a Hyperminer AMAP can do, but in practice, any coin with any hashing algorithm or variant can be programmed into the Hypermesh, making the technology effectively immune from changes in algorithm by forks, and giving you programmable mining capabilities at ASIC speeds.


Our philosophy is simple. We aim to produce the highest performing mining equipment in the market, and our high standards of customer service mean that we will work to make sure your interests are our interests. We do not compete with our customers.

Once you have invested in an XTend mining solution, you have the option of joining one of our advanced, smart mining pools. XTend has identified several commonalities between all the various memory hard algorithms in use today, and our advanced, customized mining processor can reconfigure the equipment to optimize performance in near real time. As new algorithms are introduced, they can be downloaded to the equipment, assuring that your mining hardware has a long lifetime.


The ultimate goal of XTND is to bring the same mining opportunities to everyone, and to mitigate the unfair advantage currently enjoyed by many of the mining farms that is currently leading to unacceptable centralization.

Everyone who owns an XTend miner can join in our pools and cooperate to extend their hashing power, while still retaining control of their equipment and the right to leave any time they want.

Configurable Cost Effective Low Power Programmable

The table above lists the characteristics of cryptocurrency mining options available today. While CPU's and GPU's are both highly programmable, they suffer from non cost effective operation and high power consumption. Furthermore, because they are general purpose tools and not designed for mining, they require a skilled technician to configure and operate.

Application Specific Integrated Circuits, or ASICs, on the other hand, offer the choice of relatively low power and temporarily promise cost effective operation, however they have no significant capability to be reconfigured or adapted to changing algorithms. This extremely short useful life results in effectively uselessness after the next generation of equipment is produced. After factoring depreciation into the overall cost, their cost effectiveness is questionable.

Given the serious drawbacks of all the mining options available on the market today, people and organizations that are interested in helping to validate and protect cryptocurrency blockchains are struggling to find both practical and cost agreeable solutions. This has led to unacceptable consolidation of mining power in the blockchains, which offers opportunities for collusion and is threatening the very essence of what a decentralized architecture is designed to avoid.


Advanced Mining Acceleration Platforms, or AMAPs, are reimagined from scratch to offer all the features a mining system needs to survive in the modern marketplace. They promise to restore the egalitarian legacy that mining once engendered.

They promise to restore the egalitarian legacy that mining once engendered. Since the architecture is low power and can be reconfigured to adapt to changing mining conditions, a long life and healthy ROI can be expected by those purchasing AMAPs. This enhanced profitability promises to fundamentally disrupt the centralization that has occurred in the mining industry.


XTend Online is incorporated in the country of Georgia, a former Soviet republic on the eastern border of the Black Sea. Famous for its sprawling cave monasteries and a wine making industry that traces back 8 millenia, Georgia today is an independent nation that is home to several large mining farms. The capital, Tbilisi, houses a special Free Trade Area that offers substantial economic benefits to export companies and those involved in technology development


XTend Online began in the height of the mining boom, recognizing early on the realities of what this new era of ASIC mining really meant to the industry. As industry veterans with years of experience watching how industries develop and are disrupted, it was obvious to XTend that cryptocurrency mining was on a path that would eventually lead to inefficiency.

As the market cooled off in early 2018 and the frenzy of mining died away, those who had invested heavily in mining hardware came to learn the reality of what XTend had forseen. Today, with the industry poised to make a rational comeback, XTend is waiting with a system that promises to avoid the major mistakes of the past, and give miners the confidence and security of making a long term investment in quality.


Mining has become increasingly centralized over the last year, with large commercial operations destroying the original intent of safety through distributed consensus. This happens primarily because the major mining equipment manufacturers are located in China, and Chinese companies get preferential access to the technology.

With our Western cultural heritage and Silicon Valley upbringing, combined with our long term residence in Southeast Asia, XTend is ready to redefine what a crypto mining company should be.

The cryptocurrency mining market is expected to be $16.4 billion by 2025, with an average CAGR* of 18.68%.** With ASICs replacing hobbyist GPU systems, this massive growth will come primarily from mining appliances.

The cryptocurrency mining market is expected to be $16.4 billion by 2025, with an average CAGR* of 18.68%.** With ASICs replacing hobbyist GPU systems, this massive growth will come primarily from mining appliances.

The cryptocurrency mining market is expected to be $16.4 billion by 2025, with an average CAGR* of 18.68%.** With ASICs replacing hobbyist GPU systems, this massive growth will come primarily from mining appliances.

The cryptocurrency mining market is expected to be $16.4 billion by 2025, with an average CAGR* of 18.68%.** With ASICs replacing hobbyist GPU systems, this massive growth will come primarily from mining appliances.

*Compound Annual Growth Rate**source Coherent Market Insights

Q4 2017
Work begins on AMAP product definition
Q1 2018
Software and hardware architecture completed
Q2 2018
Seed funding and beginning of product design.
Q4 2018
Major fundraising begins
Q2 2019
Beta Program and Presales Begin.
Q1 2020
XTND AMAPs begin shipping




Caltech alumnus (Computational Neural Systems). Expert developer of massively parallel architectures. Co-founded and architected Thailand's largest VoIP carrier and CTO founder of World Moto, a publicly traded US company pioneering the world's first portable taxi meter. Original software developer for the Near Infrared Camera at the Keck Telescope in Hawaii.




A Silicon Valley veteran with over 30 years of experience, more than a dozen successful chip tapeouts and chip design patents with a career spanning Cisco, Sun, Adaptec. Specializes in high quality IP Cores, FPGA/ASIC design, automated testing and design for SATA, NVME and other storage devices. CEO of Asics World Services, a fabless semiconductor firm in Southeast Asia.




That rare mix of engineering, business and marketing that understands the technical underpinnings of what xTend is hoping to accomplish. Formerly Midway Games (software engineer), News Corp (Sysadmin), Vancouver 2010 Olympics (web apps) with recent crypto experience in marketing and multimillion dollar token raises.





Edward who is better know as Crypto Beast is the owner of the BEAST platform, a Blockchain review platform. He is joining our team to assists us in the development, marketing and investment stages of our project. With years of experience in these fields and a strong understanding of our market we are confident our product will be represented to our investors and the public in the best way possible.


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